Electrical Outage Emergency Kit Checklist

Electrical Outage Emergency Kit Checklist

Electricity should never be taken for granted. A natural disaster or a municipal fault could have you sitting without electricity for an undetermined amount of time. And in these cases, your emergency electrician may not be able to fix the problem right away.

We modern humans are extremely reliant on electricity for a wide range of needs. As professional emergency electricians in Penrith, Australia, we believe that it’s very important to have an electrical outage emergency kit so that you can get through your electrical outage in safety and with comfort. Keep your kit in an easy-to-access space and let your whole family know where it is. Here are some of the things you should put into your kit


Certain types of power outages may affect your plumbing, and it may not be possible or safe to drink water from your taps. Ensure that you have a sufficient fresh water supply for you and your family in your electrical outage emergency kit as water is the #1 substance we need to survive.

Battery Banks

Without electricity, you cannot charge your electrical devices, which you may really need in the case of an emergency. Ensure that you keep one or two charged battery banks in your electrical emergency kit so that you can use this power to charge up your devices.

Extra Batteries

Extra batteries will always come in useful, especially in the case of an electrical emergency.

Easy Meals

Have a few no-cook easy meals and snacks in your electrical outage emergency kit. Nuts, dried fruit and canned foods are good options. You could always include a gas camp stove in your kit so that you’re able to boil water and make simple dishes.


You’ll need a source of light if the outage occurs at night, and a few flashlights will most definitely come in handy. Candles are also not a bad idea to throw in and don’t forget the lighter or matches.


If you have kids that love watching TV and playing games on their iPads, they may become incredibly bored without electricity, so ensure that you have a few old-school, non-electrical activities for them to do, like board games.

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