Why You Should Never Attempt A Ceiling Fan Installation Yourself

Why You Should Never Attempt A Ceiling Fan Installation Yourself

Ceiling fans provide you with an energy-efficient cooling solution for your home and can truly add to the aesthetics and design of any room. It is little wonder that they have remained so popular for decades.

When it comes to installing a new ceiling fan, the job may seem fairly simple and perhaps something you could do yourself. But ceiling fan installation can be pretty complicated and even dangerous and should not be attempted unless you’re a professional electrician.

As electrical experts, Power Electrical provides you with a few reasons as to why ceiling fan installation is not a DIY job.

Risk Of Falling

When you’re installing a ceiling fan, you have gravity working against you. Depending on the height of your ceiling, you would probably need a chair or stepladder to reach the electrical point at which you’d want to install your fan. Ceiling fans can be heavy and cause you to offset your balance and thus fall.

Risk Of Damage

If you happened to fall, you could most likely injure yourself as well as damage the ceiling fan that you have just purchased, as well as cause damage to your ceiling, floors, and furniture.

Electrical Complications

If you don’t get the wiring just right, you could experience electrical complications. You could damage your home electrical system, create a dodgy connection, and even potentially shock yourself.

Messy Job

Even if you do manage to install your ceiling fan successfully, it will most likely be a messy job that is not entirely centred or perhaps has loose wires or peeling ceiling plaster, and this may become an eyesore in your home.

Hire a Professional Electrician

If you want a job done correctly, it is always best to hire an expert. This way, you do not risk injuring yourself or damaging your electrical system or home. Get it done right the first time and hire a professional electrician.

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